Laboratory Filtration Equipment


EconoFilt Filter Papers

EconoFilt is manufactured in Europe and only the finest raw materials are selected and strictly quality controlled at reception to ensure that only the purest ingredients of pure cellulose with a high alpha cellulose content are always used.

The automated manufacture with on line monitoring, confirmed with laboratory analysis ensure consistency in each tested aspect and that the strict standards are met. The mill produces according to Good Manufacturing Practices and ISO 46002. Each step of the manufacturing process, from incoming materials and through to the final material is documented, validated and controlled. All the filter papers exhibit high wet strength and so can be used comfortably in filter presses, Buchner funnels or other vacuum apparatus as well as conventional filtration using gravity. They are all bleached white and have smooth surfaces enabling the scraping or spraying of precipitates off their surfaces. They also offer heat tolerance and can be dried in an oven. They are all available in packs of 100 in flat disks or folded, in many diameters ranging from 10 mm to 500 mm. Custom sizes are available on request.