GIC Scientific

Specialised & Industrial Filter Papers


PhaseRIGHT Separating Paper

PhaseRIGHT – Phase separating paper is a filter paper with medium filtration speed, manufactured with cotton linters and cellulose. These papers are impregnated with a stabilized hydrophobic silicone, allowing the separation of samples containing a mixture of an aqueous (e.g. water) and an organic phase (e.g. oil). This keeps the aqueous phase in the funnel, while the organic phase passes through the filter.

QuartzRIGHT Quartz Fibre Papers

QuartzRIGHT Quartz fibre papers are made from pure quartz fibres, rendering them resistant to acidic gases. These papers are generally used for air sampling in acidic gases, stacks, flues, and aerosols, particularly at high temperatures of up to 800°C.

AbsorbRIGHT High Retention Paper

AbsorbRIGHT – High retention paper is the thick paper used for absorption or other specialized applications.

ToughRIGHT Industrial Paper

ToughRIGHT industrial paper is cellulose fibre paper with high mechanical strength when wetted, and produced at different weights and porosities, thicknesses, and filtration speeds. These papers are used for less sensitive, higher volume, but low-cost work which often involves bulk filtration in pressure vessels or filter pans.