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ZapCLEAN Syringe Filters


ZapCLEAN Polyethersulfone (PES) Syringe filters are ideally suited for applications like sample preparation prior to ICP, HPLC, FIA, IC, Discrete, SFA Analysis and general sample filtration, as they exhibit very low extractables as detected by UV absorption, offer excellent flow rates and good chemical compatibility with commonly used solvents.

ZapCLEAN Sterile Filters for sample preparation of critical instrumental applications and sterilising heat-sensitive media.

The Anatomy of a Zapclean Syringe Filter




HPLC Analysis of Extractables of the Zap Clean Syringe Filters

HPLC Procedure:
Column C18: 250 × 4.6 mm, Flow Rate: 1 ml/min, Wavelength: 214 nm and 254nm.
HPLC Injection Volume: 20 µl, Analysis Time: 10 min, Temperature: 35°C, Mobile Phase Acetonitrile.