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Ithole Vacuum Pump

Ithole means calf in Zulu, this little vacuum pump is ideal for small applications such as a single filtration set-up where a costly bigger set-up is not needed. A portable diaphragm-type vacuum pump that comes oil-free and is manufactured from special grade aluminium for light weight and strength. The unit has a built-in Micro Suction Filter.

 Max flow (L/min) 15
 Max Vacuum (in Hg. / bar) 22” / 0, 250
 Max Press (Psi/bar) 25/1.7
 Motor Power (W) 40
 Diaphragm Material Nylon and Neoprene 

Smart Vacuum Pump

This series of diaphragm vacuum pumps can run continuously without oil for periods of up to 1hour, with low noise and high efficiency. Their applications include vacuum filtration, rotary evaporation, and degassing. The system can produce both vacuum and pressure, so it comes useful as a compressor. Noiseless performance maintenance free. The double version of this pump is strong enough to suck up to 6 filter units at one time.

Pumping Speed (L/min) 30
 Ultimate Vacuum (in Hg. / bar) 27” / 0.085
 Pressure (Psi)/bar 45/3
 Motor Power (W) 180
 Diaphragm material HNBR
 Weight Kg 7.5
 Noise dB <50
 Size (L×W×H) (mm) 250×135×210

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